“Can’t Get Right”

Way back when I was hugely pregnant with my firstborn her father played on a softball league. Being the dutiful wife that I was I often hauled my pregnant self to the fields and watched them all run in circles and cheered when the other … Continue reading “Can’t Get Right”


Mothers Day to you

This year myself and 4861584 other people on social media are noting the freedom to not rest in the circumstantial happiness of Mother's Day. In years past (mostly years in which I had not yet become a mother) I remember church services in which each … Continue reading Mothers Day to you

Six years

"The road of sorrow is the road to heaven, but there are wells of refreshing water all along the route" Spurgeon This quote said to me by a dear friend has run through my mind many, many times since I first heard it sometime in … Continue reading Six years

*I began writing this while in the clinic with Beck on Friday and am just completing it tonight so there's a little snippet into how well I juggle life these days* Currently I am curled up in a super uncomfortable hospital gurney with Beck. He … Continue reading